Bed Linen

In our hotel collection you will find a wide range of protectors, fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases in different colors. Offer your guests the best there is to offer. Our bed linen is made in Portugal from 100% certified Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian Cotton has the longest staple on earth which makes it an extremely durable and strong cotton product. A percal weave leaves the fabric feeling crisp and cool to the skin with a matte finish. A satin weave makes the fabric soft and silky with a shiny finish. Choosing your bed linen is an important finishing touch and a determining style factor.

Custom Made

We have a wide collection of bed linen to choose from. But when your project needs a different style, specific design, color or personalization we can customize to your wishes. In addition to our own production we offer custom made Belgian bed linen by Mirabel Slabbinck.

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